The rules to the fanlisting are very, very simple but please read through them carefully. Other than these rules I don't care how your site looks or where it is hosted. The only thing that matters is that you're a fan of Sylphiel. ^_^

° You must like Sylphiel. *duh, obviously* No Sylphiel bashing please, it rather defeats the purpose.

° You do not need a website to join this fanlisting; only your name (preferably real name or nickname), email and country. These said things on the form are required if you intend to join this fanlisting.

° If you have a website, however, it would be very nice of you to take a code from the said page and place it on your site so that other people can join. :D

° Please upload the code beforehand and specify the link to where it is located at so that I don't have trouble finding it. ^^

° If you wish to post the code on more than one site that is fine, I do ask however that you submit only one site that you wish to be listed here.

° While nudity in layouts is fine, I won't post links to flat out porn sites, okay? If you have a porn site only your name and e-mail will be listed.

Not so hard ne'? Now please go and join! :D