Contact the Owner: This site is owned and created by Tara-hime, a senior member of Mazoku.ORG. The Slayers is her favorite anime series and Sylphiel Nels Lahda is her favorite character in all anime. So it's really special to her to run this fanlisting. You may contact her through e-mail. She also runs Shrine Maiden her shrine to Sylphiel and has a domain located at CelebaelinNET. Please feel free to visit either when you like.

The original inspiration to this fanlisting goes way back to the old Sylphiel support site "The Give Sylphiel a Chance Foundation", which was located at many many moons ago. It has long since closed down but the mission of the website still remains for the fans of Sylphiel, to spread the love of the shrine maiden and to show that she is not that bad a character. Many thanks also go out to Tasuki and Zee for hosting this fanlisting's main site Shrine Maiden on their Slayers domain, Mazoku.ORG. Also I'd like to credit Zanne Chaos for giving me the headsup that the fanlisting had become available! I also feel like I should credit the first official fanlisting for Sylphiel as well, which is here, since it beat us to to being the first.

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